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 Library Hours
 Closed on Public Holidays    
 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 10am   -  4pm
 Tuesday evening  7pm    - 10pm
 Friday  1pm    -  4pm
 Open 3rd Sunday of the month -   12noon -  4pm
  May to October    
 (Closed between Christmas & New Year)    
 Library Address
 1/ 41 Railway Road, Blackburn VIC  3130   (cnr Queen Street)
   We extend a warm welcome to non-members to use the Library.
  The charge for a daily visit is $20.00 and $10 from 1pm.

Accessing the Resources
- Books
The computer catalogue contains all the holdings of books and journals. This can be searched by author, title or keyword subjects. The books are arranged on the shelves by areas or Countries and then by States or Counties. A colour coded label with the Chapman area code can be found on the spine of each book to help identify the area. Please place a book marker in the space when you remove a book from the shelves so that you can replace it in it's correct spot.
- Online Subscription Services
Findmypast UK, Findmypast au and Findmypast ie
British and Irish Origins from Origins Network
TNA (The National Archives) Documents Online
The British Newspaper Archive
- Access includes free downloads; normal printing charges apply.
- Microfilm,  Microfiche  and  CDs
To identify our holdings of microfiche and microfilm, catalogues are available in folders for different areas. Each catalogue is arranged alphabetically into States or Counties and then alphabetically into subject headings:
  Australia Papua New Guinea
  British India Scotland
  Canada South Africa
  England USA
  Ireland Wales
  New Zealand World Miscellaneous
Microfilm are on open access. Most are in labeled drawers arranged by Counties or States. Please place a wooden block with the corresponding number to your film reader in the space left by your film. Spare spools are available, please ask a Library Assistant. The Australian microfiche and microfilm are also listed on the computer catalogue.
Microfiche are kept on closed access and are only available, one at a time at the Fiche Counter. Please hand the Library Assistant your membership card or day visitor's receipt in exchange for the microfiche.
CDs. Many of the Library CDs are loaded onto the computer hard drives. However, there are also a number which have to be procured from the Fiche Counter, due to the large number of CDs in a set covering a particular subject and also to comply with licence restrictions.
- Magazines
The Library holds a large range of magazines covering aspects of Family History and Genealogy. These include magazines from a  number of Family History Societies, both Australian and from overseas.
Additional  Facilities

Photocopying of books. (Please note; not all books can be copied owing to age or binding.   There are also restrictions
  on the amount which can be copied due to Copyright
• Printouts from fiche, film and computers
• A Research & Look Up Service
• A service to obtain overseas BDM certificates and Wills
• Miscellaneous Services such as Commemorative Certificates, Donate a Fiche
• Sterling Cheque Service
• Will Transcription Service
• Starting Family History classes
• One-on-One Tuition

Visiting the  Library

Some points we would ask you to remember:
You must sign in on arrival and leave your bag and any other large items in a bag locker at the entrance
• Sign out when you collect your belongings at the end of your stay
• Folders brought into the Library shall be no larger than A4 size and 2 inches thick
• Children under the age of 12 years are not admitted to this research Library
• Pencils should be used at all times
• You may only use one microfiche or microfilm at a time
• A Library Assistant will allocate a fiche or film reader or computer for your use
• Please strike your name off the booking sheet when you have finished with the machine
• The Library contains thousands of fiche, films, and CDs, in addition to the books and magazines
• Please replace all records where you found them - a misplaced record can be lost for months
• Please remember that all our Library Assistants are volunteers who will do their best to help you.

New  Members' Tour
New members are entitled to a 'New Members' Tour of the Library.
These are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month (except for January) starting at 9am.
Please phone the AIGS on 9877 3789 during office hours to make a booking. Extra tours will be arranged during the month if there is sufficient demand.


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